Michael J. Jordan

BRATISLAVA – There’s nothing that nationalists in Central Europe relish more than to commemorate an historic injustice, harping on their victimization. If it falls during an election campaign, even better.

Colin Geraghty

Hi everyone, or people who found this link by mistake, I’m back – my thesis is finally finished, completed, over. I hope to make South Asia-ish as active a blog as those of my fellow bloggers here at The Mantle, whose dynamism I aspire to emulate.

Abraham Awolich

Sudan's elections and Comprehensive Peace Agreement, in the words of Southern Sudanese, Abraham Awolich: "This is the moment in history when we can walk tall in our African continent and declare that we are a new nation and a country, born again with a promise to work for the good of her people. We can sound the bells of freedom and democracy in Africa and the Middle East and declare dead the days when it was believed that Africans were incapable of solving their own problems." Read on...

Savo Heleta

With April elections drawing near, Sudan is on edge. Will the elections be fairly implemented and the results be just? Or will election fraud and violence throw the country into chaos? Savo Heleta takes a look at the final stages of the country's Comprehensive Peace Agreement and other events playing into the complex elections, and makes some bold and dire predictions.