Omar Fotihi

First Tunisia, then Egypt, and now ... Yemen? Unrest is increasing across the Middle East and North Africa, and young people are leading the way. Demonstrators are calling for democratic change, social justice, and economic improvements. In this essay, Yemeni Omar Fotihi explains his frustrations with his home-country, and tells us of his hopes and dreams for a new Yemen.

Abraham Awolich

On January 30, the preliminary results of the vote for independence for Southern Sudan were announced. Across Sudan and around the world, Southern Sudanese gathered to celebrate an overwhelming victory. Abraham Awolich presents an eye-witness account of the jubilation in Juba, Southern Sudan's capital, and lays out his hopes and fears for his new nation.

Shaun Randol

At what point in a revolutionary moment do you put down the drums and take up the guns? It used to be that I was a stubborn advocate of total pacifism and non-violence. Over the past few years, however, I have shifted—very slowly—from that position.