Todd Lester

Todd Lester

Todd Lester is currently the Executive Director of Global Arts Corps, an organization that creates theatre to advance reconciliation in societies emerging from violent conflict. Previously, he founded freeDimensional, an organization that supports activists and artists-in-distress by providing safe haven in artist residencies. Todd has worked in advocacy and strategic communications positions with Reporters sans frontiers and the Astraea Lesbian Justice Foundation, both in New York, and the International Rescue Committee in Sudan during the height of the Darfur crisis and signing of the country’s North-South Peace Accords.

Todd has dedicated periods of his career to work on microfinance in Cameroon, refugee rights in Egypt, post-genocide reconciliation in Rwanda, cross- border municipal leadership in the Southern Caucasus, and prevention of youth violence in Brazil, working with grassroots organizations and a range of agencies, including CARE, Carter  Center, Peace Corps, Population Services International, Dutch Refugee Council, and the United Nations. Todd holds a Masters of Public Administration from Rutgers University and is a graduate of the Summer School in Forced Migration at Oxford University and Media Studies in Film Production at the New School. Todd received the Peace Corps Fund Award for his work starting freeDimensional; was named Architect of the Future by the Waldzell Institute; and serves as a Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute focused on the role of arts in public policy-setting and freedom of expression.


September 30, 2012

Part of our 'For the Sake of Others' Roundtable Discussion