Counter Clockwise: Drone Trouble

War and Peace


"Drone Trouble" is a reaction to news in January 2014 of a possible U.S. bombing campaign to fight ISIS in the terrorist group's takeover of Fallujah. After two of the worst bombing campaigns in history in 2004, where the fallout from American use of white phosphorus has caused grave birth defects in infants and a four-fold rise in cancer among the civilian population, the anger around more U.S. military involvement in Fallujah welled up inside me. 


In "Drone Trouble" there is a  blatant cyclical story at play that I engage with the clockwise reading of the comic. The monster, the business of war, watches the old story unfold like clockwork, ready to serve up weapons and death when the Obama Administration's plan is hijacked and results in yet more civilian deaths.  






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Niki Singleton

Born in Vancouver, Canada to African and European parents, Niki Singleton is now based in Brooklyn after traveling and living abroad for 10 years. She has undertaken residencies in France, the Netherlands, New York, Brooklyn, and Connecticut, and has had solo and two-person exhibitions in 287 Spring Gallery (New York), the Holocaust Museum (Dallas), and Imagine Ic (Amsterdam).