An excerpt from The Mantle's latest release, 'Limbe to Lagos: Nonfiction From Cameroon and Nigeria.'

While Hamilton and Burr competed in the same physical space, social media has brought envy into a wider sphere.

As a transgender womxn of color living in India, Doel Rakshit writes that Pride's roots as a protest movement are more important than ever.

The construction of the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border goes on, pandemic or not.

The question is obviously subjective, for each year brings mawkish eulogies for the nation’s virtue.

On May 18, 1979 William Gass delivered a heavy commencement address at Washington University

Fitzgerald brings universal issues to the fore in the novel, which still resonates a century after it was first published.

By M. Saad

It is unimaginable to not admire Yeats’ remarkable, unswerving fidelity to his craft.    

A new collection of narrative nonfiction and formidable writing by emerging Cameroonian and Nigerian writers.

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