Can Progressives use Tipping Points?



Just knocked out another Malcom Gladwell goody, The Tipping Point. Not as good as Outliers (in fact, I got bored in the last chapter), but an interesting read nonetheless. While the the lessons to be learned make a standard read for entrepreneurs and businessmen and marketers, I'm wondering whether or not the lessons can be applied to progressive causes and ideas.


Could the likes of Kiva, or new campaigns from Amnesty International or efforts by UNICEF be promoted using some of the lessons from Gladwell's bestseller? Tipping Points lists three main elements needed to make a fad explode:


- The Law of the Few, which is further broken down to Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen


- Stickiness


- Power of Context


I don't want to rehash his book. Millions have read it, I am sure you have too. What I want to know is, has any progressive movement or idea profited from Gladwell's concepts? How can they be applied to promote future endeavors?



Malcom Gladwell, Progressive