War and Peace

Ed Hancox

Ultima Ratio Regum Latin for “[War,] the last argument of kings,” this quote summed up the classical approach to warfare, that it was the method of achieving a specific strategic goal of the realm when other methods had failed. In modern times though, it seems that war is often the resul

Ed Hancox

Like baseball great Yogi Berra, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had his own struggles with the English language, one of his best malapropisms was the coining of the term “unknown unknowns.” Rumsfeld was trying to make a valid point about the uncertain security situati

Corrie Hulse

As much as we like to think we know about North Korea, major events such as the recent death of their “Dear LeaderKim Jong Il remind us just how little we actually know about the elusive country.

Chris Eberhardt (汪哲伟)

BEIJING - I was trying to clean up my USB drive last night, and I came across a powerpoint presentation about September 11th, 2001 that a co-worker gave me to use in class. I completely forgot about it.