The Mantle: Magazine


The Mantle Magazine publishes blog posts essays, interviews, reviews, and critiques in the areas of arts and culture, international affairs, literature, and philosophy. We do not currently publish fiction or poetry. 



We accept submissions on a rolling basis. Please submit a pitch or completed essay to the relevant subject editor along with a brief bio. Please note that as we are currently an all-volunteer organization we cannot currently offer payment for essays submitted to the magazine, though this is something we are actively working to change.


  • Blog posts and literature / media reviews: 600 -1,200 words
  • Essays: 1,500 - 5,000 words


All essays should be submitted as a Word document via email to the relevant subject editors:


  • Arts & Culture - aria [at] (subject: Submission%20to%20The%20Mantle) (Aria Chiodo)
  • International Affairs - marie [at] (subject: Submission%20to%20The%20Mantle) (Marie Lamensch)
  • Literature - bismillahshirin [at] (Shirin Bismillah)
  • Philosophy - peter [at] (subject: Submission%20to%20The%20Mantle) (Peter Heft)


All other submission questions can be directed to our Managing Editor Morgan Forde.



The Mantle: Books

The Mantle publishes nonfiction and literary fiction by emerging writers from around the world, with a focus on authors from Africa. We recommend you become familiar with our titles before submitting your manuscript.




We are currently not accepting manuscripts.