Ahmet Sibdial Sau

Ahmet Sibdial Sau

A New Jersey native, Ahmet Sibdial Sau is an accomplished Media specialist, photographer, director of photography and photo editor. He has worked for Time Magazine, Black Book Magazine, Food Arts, New York Magazine, Food & Wine, City Magazine, Art Flash International, Essence Magazine, American Express and New York Times as well as numerous leading Non government organizations (NGO) and book publishers.

Ahmet has a great interest in international affairs, global communications and digital media. These interests have been fueled by his work with the United Nations UNDP and graduate coursework in Media Studies and Telecommunications at The New School and the Polytechnic Institute of NYU.

Ahmet holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography & Motion Picture from the San Francisco Art Institute and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications & Journalism from the University of California, San Francisco—New College. He is an active founding member of Imagining Global Asia and India China Institute (New School organizations).

Ahmet is a member of numerous academic and cultural institutions.


February 14, 2012

During the three month occupation of Zuccotti Park by Occupy Wall Street protesters last year, cameras were everywhere. News agencies, police, and demonstrators trained their cameras (high end and low tech) on each other for around the clock surveillance. And all of this streamed live on the Internet. In this collaborative essay, Shaun Randol discusses this all-seeing phenomenon side-by-side Ahmet Sibdial Sau's photographs of the occupation.