Amrut Abhyankar

Amrut Abhyankar

Amrut Abhyankar is an intern at an architectural firm in NaviMumbai, India. Previously he worked with IDC (International Design Clinic), and PUKAR Parson, The New School of Design, on a project trying to understand the effects of the ubiquitous nature of space.

Amrut recently participated in the Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competion and attended a photography workshop led by David D`Souza (in coordination with PUKAR). Amrut is keen on understanding theoretical, critical approaches in design. He is also interested in documentary film and loves hiking nature trails.


December 22, 2009

A majority of the global population lives in urban settings. Long-established cities like Beijing, Lagos, Mexico City, and Tokyo are brimming with new residents. Where populations simply outgrow their environs, new cities are created from thin air—or rather, from farmland and pristine landscape. To control its own infrastructure and population issues, Mumbai, India simply created a sister city right next door: Navi Mumbai. Amrut Abhyankar explores this emerging landscape and finds that within the cacophony of the new setting, the "city life" is simply forgotten.

July 21, 2009

In this reflective essay, Amrut Abhyankar muses on the shopping mall, a new performative space in India crowding out—physically and psychologically—the traditional marketplaces of his home country.