Sarah Teitt

Sarah Teitt

Sarah Teitt is the Outreach Director at the Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protrect (APR2P), where she is responsible for designing and implementing strategies to foster dialogue among various government and civil society stakeholders in the region, facilitating the building of national R2P programmes, and encouraging the adoption of measures to implement the Responsibility to Protect in the Asia Pacific.

Sarah also serves as the Centre's China Program Leader, and is working toward completing a PhD at the University of Queensland on China's role in preventing and responding to genocide and mass atrocities.  She has an MA in Peace and Conflict Resolution (University of Queensland, 2006) and a BA in International Relations with a concentration in East Asian Studies (Roanoke College, 2002). Her research interests include China's foreign policy in relation to conflict and humanitarian crises in the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, UN peacekeeping, and the protection of women and children in armed conflict, particularly in relation to gender-based crimes and violations.


September 1, 2009

The responsibility to protect concerns the enduring, perennial obligations of states to protect populations from mass atrocities. The international community can and must encourage, assist and, in extreme cases, compel states to provide this protection. The R2P principle is notable insofar as it is premised on the idea that the “responsibility” of the agent (i.e. the state) is not contingent upon the capacity of the agent to perform its responsibilities (in contrast to most moral and political philosophy discussions of “responsibility”).