Shaun Randol

Shaun Randol

Shaun Randol founded The Mantle in 2009. Today he is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher. Shaun is the co-editor of Gambit: Newer African Writing (The Mantle, 2014) and he wrote an introduction to Herman Melville's Bartleby, the Scrivener (The Mantle, 2019). He is also a member of the PEN American Center and serves on the boards of Nomadic Press and Africa Book Link.


February 7, 2012

Cincinnatus recevant les ambassadeurs de Rome

"Cincinnatus Receiving Deputies of the Senate" (1843) by Alexandre Cabanel - Musée Fabre


January 24, 2012

A letter from Occupy Wall Street - a day before the raid

January 19, 2012

A review of 'The Faster I Walk, the Smaller I Am'

December 23, 2011

[continued from Part 2]


Despite the many good things in politics and society accomplished by the Sandinistas, one cannot claim that Nicaragua is a paragon of democracy and modernity—far from it.


December 14, 2011

It is impossible for me to vacation anywhere without having first conducted a little bit of research about the history and contemporary politics of the destination. The last thing I want to appear to be to locals is a bumbling, passing-through tourist with zero interest in the land and people who are hosting me. To be at least mildly informed is the least I can do. It was with this attitude and mindset that I approached my recent vacation in Nicaragua. 


November 11, 2011

Erik Sanner's 'traffic cone aesthetics'

October 28, 2011

A Call for Participation in the #OccupyWallStreet Movement*

October 28, 2011

At Occupy Wall Street's headquarters in Liberty Plaza , New York City, teach-ins happen daily over the People's Mic (an empowering, participatory spectacle, shown here). Lecture topics vary widely, including the prison-industrial complex, land grabs in Brazil, gender equality, philosophy, environmental issues, and lots and lots of economics.