Ed Hancox

Like baseball great Yogi Berra, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had his own struggles with the English language, one of his best malapropisms was the coining of the term “unknown unknowns.” Rumsfeld was trying to make a valid point about the uncertain security situati

Caty Gordon

Upon hearing the news of the death of Osama bin Laden, Americans gathered spontaneously to celebrate the demise of their most-hated foe. Across the country, especially in Times Square, New York and in front of the White House, the gatherings looked part victory celebration and part frat house party. The blatant jubilation raised some eyebrows on the political Left: are the celebrations justified? Or are they in poor taste? Caty Gordon makes a case for the latter.

Marianna Gurtovnik

The Obama Administration says it's determined not to send American troops to Yemen to fight Al-Qaeda. American equipment and training may be sufficient in helping the Yemeni army to push Al-Qaeda out, so a direct American military involvement may, indeed, be neither necessary nor desirable. Howev