Savo Heleta

With April elections drawing near, Sudan is on edge. Will the elections be fairly implemented and the results be just? Or will election fraud and violence throw the country into chaos? Savo Heleta takes a look at the final stages of the country's Comprehensive Peace Agreement and other events playing into the complex elections, and makes some bold and dire predictions.

Corrie Hulse

In spring 2005, the World Policy Journal was the first magazine to publish the photographs of former Marine Captain Brian Steidle. His undaunted efforts to bring global attention to the unfolding genocide in Darfur, Sudan, were then captured in The Devil Came on Horseback. Corrie Hulse reviews the moving documentary that pleads for the international community to take action in order to save the lives of those facing mass atrocities in war-torn Sudan. 

Erika Klein

Most of us cannot fathom what it is like to live with violence or political strife. We are governed by laws, morals and democratic rights that afford us the protection we require during times of crisis and upheaval.